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MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN Title sequence proposal by Remy Le RumeurMOTHERLESS BROOKLYN Title sequence proposal by Remy Le Rumeur

Music : "Tourette Syndrome" by Fat Club MusicMusic : Tourette Syndrome by Fat Club Music

During 3 months, I worked alone and full-time on a title sequence dedicated to the movie "Motherless Brooklyn".
This movie could be the next film directed by Edward Norton, an adaptation of the book "Motherless Brooklyn" by Jonathan Lethem.

After researches, a trip in New York, and many sleepless nights, I was able to finalize this project.


Laurent Weil - I think that, after Keeping the Faith, you are now writing another project.
I think you have just finished writing a second film.

Edward Norton - Almost. Very soon. Next year, I think, we'll make it. It's from a novel called
Motherless Brooklyn (...).

"Le Grand Journal" May 14th,2005

"Motherless Brooklyn" is a Jonathan Lethem detective story
set in Brooklyn and published in 1999.

Lethem's protagonist, Lionel Essrog, has Tourette syndrome, a disorder marked by involuntary tics.
Essrog works for Frank Minna, owner of a detective agency,
who is stabbed to death...

Motherless Brooklyn
by Jonathan Lethem

In my view, the Dada movement is like an artistic translation of
Tourette syndrome.
Collages / divisions have insprired me to express these impromtu
irruptions of words and ideas which disturb the main character of
"Motherless Brooklyn", Lionel Essrog.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife
by Hannah Höch

A trip to New York gave me a better view of this city's visual world.

By taking a large number of photographs and by walking
around Brooklyn, I was able to spot indexes, the universe, usable in
the title sequence.

Then I can reinvest this imagery through the ideas and sketches
that make up my storyboard.

I was trying to creat a
rough and colorful graphism consistent
with the serious atmosphere of
"Motherless Brooklyn" and to the
psychology of his main character very
tormented by his childhood.

I was inspired from the comics's world
and work of David Mazzucchelli.
His work on the colors for the comic
"Batman Year One," had something
"retro" that I wanted link to the
ambience 50's of Edward Norton's

The work on moods and colors of
Mazzucchelli, his nocturnal universe
has been a strong source of
inspiration for my work.

So I recreated a city "dada" from pictures's fragments, very
colorful, and independent of each other.

These fragments are prone to suddenly be open to let appear the
cast of the movie.
A way for me to link these occurrences to the tourette syndrom
wich disturb Essrog.

Orphanage is an important leitmotiv of "Motherless Brooklyn"
and I wanted show its presence in a part of the title sequence.
I wanted to play with ocher walls and windows of the streets of
Brooklyn and link them to family tree.

I wanted to create a crazy machine, composed of linked
objects by association of ideas.

Inspired by Dada, this machine symbolize the delirious
mind of Lionel Essrog.
Words flow from the Lionel's mouth, he distorts and
repeats these words.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a monument of New York but also a
monument in the tourism and film imaging.
It is the link between Manhattan and Brooklyn.
It was essential, in my opinion, to evoke it.

I chose to keep it as such but changing the skyline of Brooklyn.
The bridge becomes a ramp toward a bookshelf, while tugs carry
books and printing machines.

Rather than showing animated alphabets, I preferred to use the
elements that represent the world of typography to symbolize the

The appearance of penguins may seem surprising.

I will not reveal why I wanted to include them in the animation
but they are, in my view, a main detail of the novel by
Jonathan Lethem.

I urge you to read the book in order to better understand
the prominence of these birds in history.

Distractions and errings in the streets of Brooklyn.
Throughout its investigation, Essrog paces the streets of New York,
various characters intersect.

It is in this idea of research and meeting that occurred to me the
desire to use these signposts with the names of the actors.


Have a job in film industry.




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